Mouse Control in Maple Grove

Have mice taken up residence on your property? If so, you’ll find no pest control team better suited to serve you than Action Pest Control. Offering the most effective mouse control solutions in the Maple Grove area, we’re here to ensure your home is safely habitable and rodent-free.

Restore order to your property with the help of our team. We’ll identify access points, set humane traps, and do everything in our power to turn those mouse problems into a thing of the past. What’s more, we’ll do it all at a great rate.

Call the region’s most trusted exterminators at (763) 497-2799 when you’re facing unwelcome mice in your home.

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Effective Mouse Control Services

Did you wake up to discover not one but several mice running across the floor? Do you notice mice every time you enter the garage or your restaurant’s utility closet? Whatever the scenario—and no matter the size of the infestation—we’re always the professionals to call.

Over the years, we’ve addressed pest and rodent infestations of all varieties. We know how to seal off a rodent’s point of entry, set humane but effective traps, and every other practical method of dealing with mice. It never takes long for us to implement positive and proactive solutions.

Alongside our effective residential and commercial pest control solutions comes the added promise of quality customer service. Given how important rodent control is, we go to great lengths to meet our client’s customer service needs.

From us, you can always expect the following:

  • Easy-to-schedule services
  • Up-front estimates on services
  • Helpful information for keeping rodents away from the property
  • Quick turnarounds on extermination work
  • …and more

Humane Approach to Rodent Control

Here, we take a humane approach to rodent control. We understand that mice and other pests can be a nuisance, but we also believe that there are more effective and humane ways to control them than simply exterminating them.

Our pest control services focus on exclusion and trapping. We’ll work with you to identify potential entry points for pests and seal them off to prevent further infestation. Upon request, we might even be able to set up mouse traps designed to capture the mice alive so that they can be released into the wild, away from your home or business. Be sure to ask us about these humane traps.

Extermination should always be a last resort, as it can shutter down businesses for days at a time. Be sure to keep us in mind when you want to take a proactive approach to the business of rodent control.

Keeping the Mice Away

When mice easily find entry points into your house, it can be enormously challenging to get rid of them once and for all. That’s why Action Pest Control is proud to provide safe and effective mouse removal services for Maple Grove residents. When you come across chewed pantry items or find mouse droppings in your kitchen, it’s crucial to get the unwanted rodents in your building extracted as soon as possible before they create havoc in your space.

Contact us at (763) 497-2799 to say goodbye to your undesirable trespassers and attain peace of mind.

Don’t Let Mice Take Over Your Home

You might have only seen one mouse scurry across the floor recently, but they might not be alone. As the saying goes: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The best thing you can do when you spot a mouse is pick up the phone and call us right away. With any luck, we’ll be able to address the problem before the mice take over your household and the solution becomes more complex.

As hard as we may try to avoid them, mice can make their way into our homes and businesses without much detection. Mice are often searching for warmth, shelter, and a food source – a comfortable space to settle and grow their families. No matter how you feel about mice, whether they freak you out or not, having them on your property is not a good idea. Mice can multiply quickly, infect your food sources, damage textiles, and spread diseases that could affect those using your space.

When you detect mice on your property, it’s important to get in touch with a pest control team quickly, and that’s where we come in. Action Pest Control is proud to offer the best mouse control services in Maple Grove and the surrounding area. We will prioritize your request the moment you get in touch and dispatch an expert to your property without delay.

To rid your home of mice and other pests, contact us at (763) 497-2799 as soon as possible.

Detecting Mice on Your Home or Business Property

Aside from spotting a mouse itself, there are a few other ways to detect the presence of mice on your property. We suggest that our clients keep an eye out for the following:

  • Droppings
  • Gnawed furniture or plastic
  • Mice tracks
  • The smell of urine
  • Oily marks on walls
  • Scratching noises in the walls or beneath the floor
  • Nests of paper, fabric, and other discarded materials

The moment you suspect a mouse or rodent presence, be sure to contact our experts. These kinds of infestations can get out of hand fast – so don’t delay!

Discuss Your Mice Concerns with Our Trusted Exterminators 

There are a few key reasons mice find your home inhabitable. While leaving food waste unattended can be a direct cause for mice to feel invited into your house, a clean home can also be an atmosphere they find comfort in. Mice can consider your abode a sanctuary based on location, climate, and accessibility factors.

The three common needs mice look for are food, water, and shelter. In the fall and winter seasons, their needs become more acute, resulting in a higher probability of them invading your home instead of facing inclement weather conditions.

Contrary to popular belief, mice don’t simply leave under their own steam—they must be removed or encouraged to depart. Contact our trusted exterminators to discuss your mice concerns, and we’ll ensure your infestation is controlled and your related challenges are eliminated.

Pest Control Services Prevent the Dangers of a Mouse Infestation

There are several dangers that a mouse infestation presents. During our years of experience in the field, we’ve come to be familiar with some common problems the presence of mice can pose, including the following:


Mice are known to be excessively rapid breeders. If left unchecked, their population can rise to over 200 in a matter of months.


Mice can chew through insulation, wires, rubber, gas lines, drywall, clothes, etc. Such damage can trigger costly repairs and cause significant and immediate dangers, such as starting a fire or causing a gas leak.


Rodents like to mark their territory by urinating and defecating in common areas. Such acts can make you increasingly susceptible to the innumerable diseases that mice carry, such as hantavirus, salmonella, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis.

No homeowner wants to deal with the consequences of a mice infestation. From costly repairs to expensive hospital bills, avoid the repercussions of a mice problem by contacting your trusted exterminators at Action Pest Control. Our services will help you avoid the dangers of pesky mice using your house as their own.

Contact Action Pest Control to Keep the Mice at Bay

Not one to shy away from an assignment, our comprehensive pest control services will ensure your mice problem is fully taken care of before we leave your premises. We’re a safe rodent control and extraction company that can effectively handle your infestation.

Action Pest Control’s mission is to preserve the health of yourself, your loved ones, and your property investment. Call us at (763) 497-2799 to prevent any further rodent disruptions in your home.

Book an Inspection with Our Pest Control Experts

When you reach us about a mouse problem, we’ll schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. Our team will survey your home or business property from the basement to the attic during this inspection, noting any signs of mouse presence and identifying nests. Once we have an idea of the size of the problem, we’ll be able to come up with a removal plan fast. Removal plans may include setting traps, installing one-way mouse doors, and setting out poison bates.

Our experts will involve you in choosing the best removal method, so please let us know your thoughts.

Mouse Control Today and Tomorrow

If you’ve faced a mouse problem, you don’t want to experience similar issues again – that’s why mouse control is just so important. Our team will work with you closely to develop a customized prevention plan for your property which may include:

  • Sealing points of entry
  • Establishing better food storage systems
  • Increasing sanitation practices
  • Eliminating clutter
  • Removing waste more regularly

Every approach we take to rodent control will look slightly different depending on the nature of your home or business, its size, level of risk, etc. You can count on our experts to provide highly personalized recommendations and help you set them up on your property without delay.

To discuss mouse control in more detail, reach our representatives by phone or email.

Contact Action Pest Control for Mouse Control and Removal

While a small mouse can cause a fright, having mice in your home or business is more than a bit shocking. If left to their own devices, mice can wreak havoc on your property, infect your food sources and multiply, fast.

When you suspect or locate a mouse infestation on your property, there's no time to wait - contact your friends at Action Pest Control for fast and effective mouse removal in Maple Grove.

To learn more about our services, or to get a quote for your extermination today, please dial (763) 497-2799.

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Book an Inspection to Locate Your Mouse Issue

When you get in touch with our expert exterminators, we will schedule an on-site inspection at your earliest convenience. Our team knows how quickly mouse issues can escalate and if you see one, there is bound to be more, so we won't delay.

During the inspection, we will discuss why you believe there are mice in your home and identify the source of the problem. We will also determine how mice got into your space and whether they've infected your food sources. Once we understand the extent of the issue at hand, our team will determine the best course of action and schedule the extermination.

We will also be happy to provide you with a detailed cost estimate before we get to work.

Fast and Effective Mouse Removal

Our team has a few different approaches when it comes to mouse removal, including trapping, poison, and more. You can rest assured that all of our approaches are highly effective in removing rodents from your property. We also strive to make our removal services fast, so you can get back to enjoying your home or business space without worry.

With years of experience working in the industry, our team has developed an approach to mouse and rodent removal that works for any infestation, no matter the size or nature.

If you'd like more details about our removal process, we invite you to reach us by phone or email.

Great Rates on Mouse Removal

While investing in mouse removal is necessary for the ongoing safety of your home or business property, you don't want it to break the bank. We offer our clients excellent rates on mouse removal services. If you'd like an estimate, reach us to book your on-site inspection and get started today.

Keeping Mice At Bay

Once you've experienced a mouse infestation, you don't want the problem to reoccur. The best approach to mouse control is preventative, and Action Pest Control can provide you with tips and tricks for keeping mice and other rodents at bay.

Some of the most effective strategies include:

  • Repairing damaged screens
  • Sealing cracks, holes, and pipes that could be used as entry points
  • Putting screens over vents and chimneys
  • Keeping basement, attics, and crawl spaces dry and well-ventilated
  • Storing food in air-tight containers
  • Disposing of garbage regularly
  • Controlling excessive moisture and water
  • Keeping an eye out for signs of mouse activity
  • Keeping firewood a fair distance from your building

Reach Our Mouse Control Experts

If you are looking for a pest control company to handle your mice troubles, look no further. Action Pest Control has the expertise and the equipment to eliminate any trace of mice while also making sure they do not return any time soon.

Over the years, we have transformed countless rodent-ridden homes and businesses into pest-free properties. By performing in-depth inspections and carrying out our intensive and environmentally-friendly rodent removal methods, we turn your troubles into a thing of the past.

For competitively priced and swift mouse control services, contact the esteemed professionals at (763) 497-2799. We can't wait to work with you.

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Mouse Control Services and So Much More

Every property owner knows how much of a headache mice infestations can be. If you see one, they're definitely more—they rarely travel in small groups. Thankfully, professional assistance is just a phone call away. Our pest control services aren't just effective—they're affordable.

Pest Control and Customer Care

From the moment our exterminators receive your call to the moment we complete our follow-up inspection, your mice and pest-related matters will have our full attention.

We work hard to address every concern, answer every question, and help however we can. As professional exterminators, we think that is the least we can do. At the very outset, we'll provide you with up-front service quotes, and clearly explain our approach to manageable mouse control. We wouldn't dream of offering our clients anything less.

Put an End to Mouse Infestations

The consequences of mice and rodent infestations can sometimes be dire. With us by your side, though, mice never have time to take up permanent residence on your property. We snuff out minor problems before they result in major issues—and we do so for an incredible rate.

Would you like to learn more about our rodent removal services? If so, contact us at your convenience.

Say Goodbye to Mice Today

When unwanted guests make their presence known, you can depend on the pest services offered by Action Pest Control. Our exterminators are here to provide you with immediate relief from your pest problem.

Our team serves both home and business owners and provides prompt availabilities as well as great rates. We have proven methods and techniques for rapid rodent removal.

To schedule a service appointment or to learn more about our services, contact us today at (763) 497-2799.

Immediate Relief from Your Pest Control Dilemma

Mice problems present themselves quickly. Due to the unruly nature of mice and all the damage they can inflict on a property, it is important to act quickly. The smartest thing that anyone can do is contact us. We don't just respond to your call quickly—we remedy the situation in a swift manner. What's more, we do so without rushing. We implement our time-honored mouse control strategies in an orderly and methodical way, ensuring we double-check every step.

We don't just work quickly. When you request our services, you never have to wait long for results, either. In our fast-paced world, what could be better?

Restore Order to Your Establishment

Mice are not something that any home or business owner wants on their property. These pesky, seemingly invisible rodents can make their presence known through property damage, spoiled food, or droppings. If the problem is big enough, mouse traps just won't cut it.

Fortunately, Action Pest Control specializes in the control of mice and other rodents. We can remove your mouse population in a way that is both humane and permanent. We can also take measures to ensure that they don't return to your property.

Allow our mouse control specialists to quickly restore order out of chaos. Reach out to one of our representatives today to learn more.

Pest Services Offer Prompt Availabilities to Your Location

We do more than address rodent problems. We believe in catering to our clients however possible. One of the ways we do so is by making our services as easy to schedule as possible. If you have a preferred time for a visit from our exterminators, simply let us know. We'll do our best to work around your schedule.

Always on Time

We understand better than anyone the time-sensitive nature of a mouse control problem. That's why we arrive swiftly on the scene to proceed with the service you need.

In an emergency, we also offer flexible availabilities. Our timely, meticulous services are completed with discretion. If you are a business owner, we can schedule our services at a time that is most convenient for you and your business.

We also work efficiently yet patiently, ensuring a good outcome. Say goodbye to unwanted pests once and for all by calling us.

Proven Methods and Products for Effective Rodent Control

Our team uses the latest, most effective products on the market today. We have specialized products for mice and other rodents, including a variety of traps, poisons, and more.

While our products are incredibly powerful and effective, you can also be confident that they are environmentally sustainable, non-toxic, and safe for use within your interior space.

Qualified Exterminators Serving Maple Grove

We are a team of skilled, experienced extermination specialists serving homes and businesses all over Maple Grove. We are licensed, bonded, and committed to the highest standards of dependable pest control.

We can effectively tackle any pest infestation using our proven techniques and industry-leading projects. As always, you can count on our staff for friendly, informative customer service, and competitive rates.

When pests make an appearance, we are the company to call.

Get Rid of Rats and Mice for Good

Protecting your home or commercial space is our number one priority. When you need to get rid of rats and mice for good, you can always depend on our team for prompt and affordable rodent control. We’ll work closely with you to examine the scope of the problem then provide you with a variety of mice control services and solutions that align with your goals.

We are also proud to draw from the benefit of having spent a lot of time in the field studying the behavior of the common house mouse and other species. These advantages come in handy and tend to speed up the process and save you time and money.

Our proven record of delighted clients is a sure sign you’re in the right place. Connect with us to discuss the most effective mouse control measures specific to your property and situation.

Book an appointment today at no risk.

What Will a Mice Exterminator Do?

We strive to meet your high expectations by sending licensed and highly skilled technicians to work with you. These hand-selected individuals are vetted and safety certified, so you can be sure all measures are in place to protect the health and well-being of adults, children, and any animals who reside with you.

Our mice exterminators will listen intently to your concerns and observations during our initial consultation. Then, we’ll get right to business inspecting your home or business for potential entry points and food sources that sustain the current mice population.

Once we’ve completed a thorough investigation, we’re always happy to provide you with removal options that are just right for you. Our team is always happy to explain the different removal methods we offer and the benefits and length of time it will take to see results from each.

The amount of time it takes for pest removal directly depends on the size and complexity of the infestation you are dealing with. Reach out to us to learn more during a zero-obligation consultation.

Need an Exterminator for Mice in Walls?

Choose a Mice Removal Company that Puts You First

When mice make their way into the walls of your home or commercial property, it doesn’t take long for the value of the structure to begin to plummet. Luckily, there are many ways to stop mice in their tracks, preserving the longevity of your investment.

We’ve helped a long list of delighted homeowners and businesses solve problems with mice and are looking forward to getting to work on your behalf. Request an estimate today.

Mice in Your Attic? Removal Solutions That Fit Your Budget

We understand mice don’t book reservations in your home, so they may likely have been your uninvited guests for a while before you spotted them. Once you know they are there, you’ll want swift service and dependable solutions that give you peace of mind. We’re the fast-responding professionals you need to get the job done right the first time.

If there are mice in your attic, call today for affordable removal solutions.

Choose the Pest Removal Specialists for a Swift Return to Normal

When dealing with a mouse infestation, you don't have to go through with it alone.

The mouse control and removal specialists at Action Pest Control are ready to serve you. Our team has the experience and expertise to best serve your home or business.

Call us today to schedule a service appointment, or to request pricing information. We would be glad to serve you.

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